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Kreepy Krauly Maintenance

Kreepy Krauly requires almost no maintenance. Visually inspect your Kreepy Krauly from time to time to make sure that:
• The flapper is moving freely and is not obstructed by debris.
• The foot pad is not excessively worn. When the traction pads on the bottom have worn
down, it is time for replacement.

We recommend that you leave Kreepy Krauly in your pool, except during chemical shock treatments. During swimming it is easy to unplug Kreepy Krauly and pull it to one side.

When storing Kreepy Krauly, do not coil the hose. Lay the hose flat in an area protected from direct sunlight.

If hose sections are disconnected, try not to disturb the hose weight locations. Kreepy Krauly’s hose is specially designed to ensure optimum performance from Kreepy Krauly. Should a replacement be required, insist on genuine Kreepy Krauly hose.

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