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Pool Preparation and Assembling Your Kreepy Krauly

Pool Preparation Before Assembling Your Kreepy Krauly
Before assembling and installing your Kreepy Krauly, your pool should be clean and algae-free so as not to inhibit the cleaner’s traction.

If necessary, make the following preparations before proceeding:
1. Chemically balance the pool water.
2. Brush pool and let the debris settle.
3. Hand vacuum thoroughly.
4. Clean filter and pump strainer basket.

Assembling Your Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner
Remove Kreepy Krauly and all of its parts from the box and check to make sure that all components were included. Refer to Figure 1.
Components Check List
1. Dive float restrictor
2. Kreepy Krauly
3. Locking end clip
4. Roller bumper strap
5. Hose weights
6. Wings
7. Eyeball diverter and outer ring
8. Hose Protector
9. Valve cap
10. Automatic regulator valve
11. Threaded compression adapter
12. Pleated or Starfish seal
13. Hose – 40 ft. total length (not shown)
14. Installation manual (not shown)

Kreepy Krauly Figure 1

Step 1. Attach The Wings
Kreepy Krauly’s wings snap into place – no tools are needed. Position the wings so you bring the band around the main body as shown in Figure 2. Slip the wings into the groove in Kreepy Krauly’s main body, then snap the band clamp into place.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 2

Step 2. Attach The Seal
Your Kreepy Krauly comes equipped with one of two seals.The Pleated seal is our universal seal and works in all pool types: concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile. And our Starfish seal which is used exclusively in concrete pools only. To install either seal locate the words “This Side
Up” and face them towards the main body. Slip the seal over the footpad – (flat side down towards pool floor) and pull gently until it seats itself on the other side in its groove, as illustrated in Figure 3.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 3
The seal must be installed flat side down, pleated/contoured side up. Once in place, the seal should rotate and turn freely. The seals are not reversible. The raised pleats on the Pleated seal and the contours on the Starfish seal must face upward. The flat side of the seal should face down to rest against the pool surface.

Step 3. Attach The Roller Bumper Strap
Insert the bottom end of the strap into the slot provided on the main body. Insert the top end of the strap into the locking clip attached to the swivel head. See Figure 4.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 4

Step 4. Attach The Dive Float Restrictor
Snap the dive float restrictor into the lower U-shaped brace between the dive floats. Make sure the locking tabs on both sides of the dive float restrictor snap securely into place. See Figure 5.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 5

Step 5. Attach The Hose Weights And Assemble The Hose
The Kreepy Krauly hose comes in sections which must be assembled. You’ll need enough sections to reach from where Kreepy Krauly is connected, to the farthest part of your pool, plus one section. You will also have to attach hose weights to the hose to neutralize the hose’s buoyancy in water. The number of hose weights required is determined by the maximum depth of your pool. The deeper your pool, the more weight is needed. The number of hose weights appropriate for your pool is explained in Table A.

Kreepy Krauly Table A
Twist and push the female ends onto the male ends after dipping the ends into the pool to wet them. See Figure 6.

Continue until you’ve connected all the sections you need. After connecting the hose weights
to the hose as described in “Table A”, then connect the hose toKreepyKrauly. See Figure 7.

One of the hose sections has 2 female ends. This section should be fitted last and attached to the pool’s vacuum connection.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 6

Before attaching the Female/Female Section to your vacuum connection you will first need to install the hose protector on to the Female/Female hose section. The hose protector is used to protect the hose from wear.

NOTE: May substitute 4 inch Female/Female hose.

Your fully assembled Kreepy Krauly should look like this.
Kreepy Krauly Figure 7

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