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A Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Welcome

Congratulations on purchasing the best pool-cleaning system in the world! Your new Kreepy Krauly will provide you with years of carefree pool enjoyment, as it efficiently vacuums your pool for you. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without Kreepy Krauly.
First, however, you’ll have to install Kreepy Krauly and perhaps make some minor adjustments.
This online manual covers the steps needed to install and adjust Kreepy Krauly.

Please record the serial number of your Kreepy Krauly. This way, if you need to refer to the serial number in the future (e.g. if you call the Customer Helpline), it will be readily available. The diagram (Figure 1) on the Pool Preparation and Assembly page shows where Kreepy Krauly’s serial number is located.

Activate Kreepy Krauly’s Warranty
You will also need to record this serial number on Kreepy Krauly’s warranty registration card.
Complete and return the card to activate Kreepy Krauly’s warranty. The registration card is selfaddressed and postage-paid for your convenience.

Toll-free Customer Helpline
If you have questions about your Kreepy Krauly, check the instructions in this manual or view
the included installation video. If you still have a question, call our Customer Helpline at
1-800-443-5711. Please have your Kreepy Krauly serial number ready when you call.

Warranty Note
Cleaners purchased in the United States of America from entities outside the United States do not qualify for any United States programs including warranty, trade-in, or rebate programs.

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