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Kreepy Krauly Adjustments Post-Installation

After completing the installation, turn the pool pump on. Allow the pump to run for a couple of minutes to ensure all air cycles out of the system. Kreepy Krauly should be moving about the pool at a rate of 8 to 12 feet per minute. Check each of the following initial adjustments to Kreepy Krauly at this time.

Hose Length
The pump must be on when you check the hose length. The hose contracts when the pump is operating and will be longer when the pump is off. With Kreepy Krauly operating, position it at the furthest point of the pool from where it’s attached. (It is easy to position Kreepy Krauly in the pool by moving it about with your pool pole and brush.) Kreepy Krauly’s hose should be long enough to reach the end of the pool, plus one hose section. If necessary,
remove extra hose sections from the center portion of hose. Removing center hose sections avoids having to disturb the hose weight placement. Save extra hose sections for use as needed for replacement.
NOTE: Turn pool pump off when adding or removing hose sections.

Hose Balance
To determine correct hose balance, turn the pump off and observe Kreepy Krauly. Hose balance is correct when Kreepy Krauly’s seal rests flat on the pool floor and the drive tubes make a 45° angle with the floor, as shown in Figure 13.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 13

Kreepy Krauly achieves the best cleaning coverage when the hose neither weighs down nor pulls up on the unit. Adjust hose weights one inch at a time as needed, until proper hose balance is achieved. In pools with both shallow and deep areas, adjust hose weights first in the deep area and then in the shallow area.
1. Hose Too Light. If the hose rises toward the surface at an angle greater than 45°, move the
weights closer to Kreepy Krauly, or move the first two weights closer to each other.
2. Correct Hose Balance.
3. Hose Too Heavy. If the hose sags downward at an angle less than 45°, move the weights away from Kreepy Krauly, or separate the first   two weights away from each other.

Return Line Water Flow
The water flow from your return line can push Kreepy Krauly’s hose and affect its
performance. It may cause Kreepy Krauly to steer away from the end of the pool where the return line is
located, or it may cause Kreepy Krauly to remain in one section of the pool. To correct this, use the eyeball
diverter included with your Kreepy Krauly. (If the eyeball does not fit your pool, use the wire diverter
(Part #K121620) accessory available for purchase from your Pentair Pool Products dealer.)

To install the eyeball diverter:
• First make sure your pool pump is off. Remove the original eyeball from the return line at  the pool by unscrewing the lock ring.
• Replace the original eyeball with the Kreepy Krauly eyeball diverter.
• Replace the lock ring and tighten. Make sure the opening of the eyeball diverter points in the proper direction before tightening fully. See “Eyeball Diverter Positions” below.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 14

IMPORTANT: The eyeball diverter must fit snugly into the eyeball fitting. Some eyeball fittings, like Aqua Leader or Olympic, may be too large for the eyeball diverter. In this situation, use the outer ring supplied with your Kreepy Krauly to adjust for the discrepancy in size.
• Snap the outer ring onto the eyeball diverter and position it in the first groove as shown in Figure 14.
• Insert the eyeball diverter/outer ring assembly into the eyeball fitting in the return line.
• Install the lock (retaining) ring and tighten. See Figure 14.

Eyeball Diverter Positions
Position the diverter opening to redirect the return line water flow so it does not interfere with Kreepy Krauly’s movement. Try different positions to see which works best in your pool:
• flow directed along the side of pool (the tile line).
• flow directed downward.
• flow directed against the hose will help steer Kreepy Krauly away from obstructions such as
stairs and ladders.
After installing the eyeball diverter, turn the pool pump on. Kreepy Krauly should begin moving across the pool floor vacuuming up debris in its path.

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