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Installing Your Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly is designed to work in a wide variety of swimming pools. That’s why we’ve included certain items (such as a threaded compression adapter and valve cap for the automatic regulator valve) with your Kreepy Krauly. These may or may not be needed, depending on the particular features of your pool.

Both the standard in-skimmer installation and an optional vacuum line installation are covered in this manual. Check to see which most closely fits your pool configuration and follow the directions. If the set-up of your pool is unlike any of the examples, contact your Pentair Pool Products dealer for assistance or call our toll-free Customer Helpline at 1-800-443-5711.

Standard Installation : For pools with one skimmer, using the automatic regulator valve.
The advantage of this installation is that the automatic regulator valve automatically balances the water flow between the skimmer and Kreepy Krauly. We strongly recommend the use of the automatic regulator valve for maximum safety and performance. The valve automatically adjusts to changes in the amount of water flow to provide Kreepy Krauly with the power necessary to ensure proper cleaning performance.
1. Turn the pool pump off.
2. Close the main drain and all suction lines, except the line from the skimmer to which Kreepy Krauly will be connected.
3. Remove skimmer basket.
4. Screw the threaded compression adapter into the vacuum connection in the bottom of the skimmer. See Figure 9.

NOTE: Use two wraps of Teflon tape around threads to ensure easy removal.
(If the opening in the bottom of the skimmer is not threaded, use a 2'' hose cone, as shown in Figure 8. It is not included with your Kreepy Krauly, but can be purchased from your Pentair Pool Products dealer.)

5. Press the automatic regulator valve into the threaded compression adapter. The end of the valve that is marked “Attach Hose This End” must point up. See Figure 9.
6. Place Kreepy Krauly into the pool and allow it to sink to the floor. Continue to feed the hose vertically down into the pool until it is completely filled with water and purged of air.

7. Slide the hose protector into position on the hose to prevent the hose body from rubbing against the skimmer wall. See Figure 9.
8. Insert the end of the hose through the skimmer opening and connect the hose directly onto the automatic regulator valve.

Kreepy Krauly Figure 8

Kreepy Krauly Figure 9

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